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There’s a lot to consider when starting a new website. Fortunately, SeaBreeze are here to take you through the process, step by step, ensuring you have all bases covered. Below we’ll show you how we’ll work with you to create a beautiful and compelling website, fitting for your business and customers.

So, Let’s Get Started…

You’ve decided to work with SeaBreeze. Good choice. What happens next?

1. Talk to Us

Lets talk. Without a chat prior, your site is never going to be as it needs to be. We’ll speak with you to get a strong idea of your requirements, and start to plan the next steps.

  • Friendly Chat
  • Potential ideas discussed
  • What can we do for you?

2. The Draft

What do you need? Are you starting from scratch or building on an already successful website? Are you already well known? We’ll look to enhance what you already have – we’re as flexible as you need.

  • From Scratch?
  • Web Presence?
  • All Considered

3. The Work

We’ll work with you extensively to discover what you need. From Google registering your business, to adding items to your online shop – we’re here throughout the process, and will keep you updated the whole way.

  • SEO
  • Mobile & tablet ready
  • Social Media links
Register Your Site

1. The Set Up

First things first – we need to set up your corner of the internet. We can register your domain and host your website directly. You’ll only ever have to speak with us. Already got a domain? Hosting? No problem – we’ll only provide what you need.


  • Your Own Domain
  • Hosted Through Us
  • SeaBreeze can handle It all for you
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2. The Build

Let’s make this happen. You want to see it working? Absolutely. It’s a step by step process – we design, you review – and we continue until you’re happy. Also, we’ll keep it a secret between you and us until it’s ready.


  • We’re with you, start to finish
  • Changes made, as you Requre
  • Not Published until it’s 100% Ready
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Building in Process
Google Ready

3. The Fine Tune

Whilst your site is being built, we’ll send you regular updates, showing you the progress as it happens. Once ready, we’ll help you spread the word. Your website, and your business, will be Google Ready.


  • Your site submitted to all search engines
  • Monthly Reports
  • Online Shop Support
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It’s Complete…What Now?

Well, a good site is never complete – it doesn’t work like that. A good site will change constantly, with new images, new blog posts, new offers, and new ways of presenting yourself to your customers. As part of our build process, you have access to the back end of your site, meaning you’re in control. Need our help? We’ll give you ongoing support, too.

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