SeaBreeze were contacted by Katie Roberts, founder of fashion store Zuzu the Label. Katie was looking to set up a fully functioning site to display her range of clothing
To provide first and foremost an online store to display and showcase a range of fashion items available for order via The site was to be divided into categories for the various items, including dresses, coats, sunglasses and more. Katie also wanted us to add the functionality to allow prospective designers to sign up and sell their own products via the site.

The site also needed the fucntionality of a wishlist and checkout process, the ability to search for particular products, and feature integration with social media, the prime of which being Instagram.

We pointed the domain to our hosting platform to allow the site to be constructed. SeaBreeze do not use templates to design pages – all pages are custom built, and Zuzu Ricigi was no exception. Using stock images at first, we created the layout and style of the site to show Katie and get her feedback whilst the design was being completed. As per her requirements, a sleek and stylish site was built, including pages to display product categories, blog posts, about the company, checkout, my account and so on.

The site took an intense amount of input to get right. The key to any site promoting fashion is for a look that gives the customer a sense of familiarity with the brand and a desire to browse the site. SeaBreeze added all products to the site, but most importantly, gave Katie the access to the site to add her own products in the future.

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