Carreras Communications had been steadily paying yearly support fees for a static, flat website which was struggling to be found by any search engines. They needed this to change.
Working in an industry where technology is king and their new website needed to reflect this. In such a competitive industry, extensive work on the improvement of the search engine performance was required, which SeaBreeze provided a bespoke solution for.
SeaBreeze rebuilt Carreras Communications from the ground up, using HTML/CSS and javascript to design a bold, powerful website. The front page features simple, large navigation boxes allowing users to see exactly what they need straight away. Below this is a slider which enables the front page to contain a wealth of important information without creating an overly busy page.

With regards to search engine optimisation, our work with Carreras Communications was a resounding success, with Carreras receiving queries via the website substantially more than previously. SeaBreeze, addressing the concerns of Carreras’ geographical location, set up over 160 pages for various locations across the UK in which Carreras operate. This meant that customers seeking services in any geographic area could simply and easily find the Carreras website – on top of the first page of Google.

Try searching for ‘Mitel support’, followed by any town/city in the UK. We’ll wager that Carreras will appear somewhere in your search.

“Our website was a static, lifeless, dull page, before SeaBreeze gave it some life. The most important thing for us was to appear in web searches which just wasn’t happening before. Now, we’re reaching other local businesses, as well as businesses across the UK. The response to our needs was brilliant.”

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